Walking in the Trikraty forest

Hiking in Mykolaiv oblast

The route is made along the rivers Mertvovod and Arbuzinka (tributaries of the Yugnyy Bug). Trekking route in Mykolayiv oblast runs along the original highlands, Aktovsky legendary canyon, three rivers (Arbuzinka, Mertvovod and Soplinka), through the wonderful Trikraty forest with its unique flora and fauna.

Tour itinerary

Day 1: Arrive Voznesensk city. Meeting at the bus station. Bus from the bus station to the village Petropavlovka, Bratstsky district, Mykolayiv oblast. Breakfast. Hike v.Petropavlovka – v.Aktovo. During the hike you can see unsurpassed canyon beauty of the river Mertvovod and the beginning of Aktovsky canyon. It looks like the famous canyons of North America. Granite rocks here are 30-50 meters height. Along the way we can hear a lot of legends about the river Mertvovod from the time of Herodotus`s travelling. Dinner near the water spring and supper near the village Aktovo , where we can set up the camp. Overnight stay.

Day 2: Breakfast. Hike from the v.Aktovo by the canyon of the Arbuzinka river (Devil’s gorge). By your wish you can go down to the bottom of the canyon and see the place where huge boulder was found and put in front of the Vienna International Centre as a symbol of the European continent. Setting up the camp in v.Aktovo. Visiting the «Labyrinth» hole in Trikraty forest. It was called so because of the river branches with their bridges across. Dinner time. Hiking to the v.Trikrati. Supper. Overnight stay.

Day 3: Breakfast. Hiking to the «Vasilyev apiary», where the lake, forest and herons’ nesting place are interwoven in one lovely scenery. By the ravine, we go down to the 500 years old oak. According to the legend, if you get around the oak three times, you can find your true love. Dinner near the oak. Descent to the beginning of the v.Trikrati. Departure to Voznesensk city.

Price – 130 UAH / day per person

Price includes: tourist equipment rent, instructor-guide, three meals a day((breakfast, dinner(snack),supper), payment for visiting sanctuaries, insurance.
The price does not include: transportation, personal expenses.


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