Hiking in Kinburn spit “from the Varangians the Varyags” to the Greeks”

One of the most wonderful parts of Mykolaiv oblast – is the Kinburn spit, where from the ancient times to nowadays flora and fauna preserved in its original beauty. The Kinburn spit has its own unique microclimate. On the one hand it is washed by the sea, on the other – fresh waters of the Dnieper, the land is covered with lush grasses, pine and oak forests. Because of the abundance of herbs the Kinburn spit is sometimes called as the pharmacy under the open sky. This peninsula was the island in ancient times and was pretty well known among Phoenician merchants and pirates. This region was called Gileya.

Hiking itinerary

Day1: Arrive Geroyskoe village (Kherson oblast). The village is situated on the banks of the Dnieper estuary, at the beginning of the Kinburn spit. At the Cossacks’ times, the outpost for the protection of Zaporozhsky salt mining was created and so-called Prognoyska Palanca was started on the Kinburn spit. In Geroyskoe village you can see the remains of the temple of Kazan Mother of God and the charnel stone cross dated 1769. After visiting the place, we go to the Pokrovka village. Our route pass through the Kinburn mud and gas lakes called the Prognoys by Zaporozhye Cossacks. These places were a part of the famous Chumatskiy Shlyakh (Way). Here you can still find the pipes of the men who mined salt. Lunch (snack). Arrive v. Pokrovka. Checking in a stone cottage tourist complex “Krutaya osyp’” (additionally paid) or overnight in tents on the beach. Near the village there is a famous healing mud lake. Supper. Overnight stay.

Day 2: Breakfast. Radial trip to the Long island, which is a part of the biosphere reserve. The island is a true ornithological treasure. Here are the nests of a huge number of different species of birds. Our route runs along the Black Sea coast. Lunch (snack). Return to v. Pokrovka. Supper. Overnight stay.

Day 3: Breakfast. Passing through the “Kovalevskaya saga” (according to the legend here was the grove of goddess Hecate – Wizards’ Patroness) to one of the main attractions of the spit – Volyzhin forest, which is considered to be the remains of the ancient forest of the country of Gileya. The ancient Greek historian Herodotus wrote that Gileya existed here since the fifth century BC. In those days the Kinburn was covered with dense forests. Besides reliable historical facts about the forest there are many legends about it – it is said that Achilles himself and warlike Amazons ran through the woods. In the forest there are the nests of many species of birds, among them – pink pelicans, gray cranes, eagles. Dinner. Camping. Supper. Overnight stay.

Day 4: Breakfast. Folding the camps. Passing through the of “Comendantskoye” hole with its beautiful oak groves to the former fortress of the Kinburn and the monument to Aleksandr V. Suvorov. Lunch (snack) on the way. Camping on the beach. Supper. Overnight on the beach.

Day5: Breakfast. Crossing to Pokrovka village to take a longboat to Ochakiv. Arrive Ochakov. You can go on a boat trip to the legendary island Berezan (Pushkin’s “Buyan”).

Below there is a diagram of the tour (to zoom in the route click on the image)


Price includes: tourist equipment rent, instructor-guide, three meals a day (breakfast, dinner(snack),supper), payment for visiting the sanctuaries, insurance.
The price does not include: transportation, overnight in a stone cottage tourist complex “Krutaya osyp’”, personal expenses.
This hiking can be offered in the opposite direction or radial trips from the recreational center. For the additional fee it is possible to take a boat-trip to the Tendrovskaya spit, to go diving (There are a lot of wrecks near the spitd), or take the route “Survival”.


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